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Help with removing credit Inquiries

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Re: Help with removing credit Inquiries

kpresod wrote:

ok, so apart from do you by any chance have a list of those sites?

Mycreditplan was mentioned. There are continually updating it and they have billing issues too. When they first went live, I did acquire my tri-merge report from them with all 3 FICOs, but shortly after they took it down and have been down for a couple of months now. Caveat emptor until they get things squared away.


Aside from, the only places you can buy your EQ FICO is from your lender and from


Aside from, the only place you can buy your TU FICO is from your lender.


Unfortunately, Experian blocked consumer access to your own EX FICO three years ago, but you can still get it from your lender.


Outside of the above, there are some banks and CUs out there that offer a FICO score as part of a benefit for banking with them. For example, you can get your EQ FICO from a number of places like Unitus Community Credit Union, M&T Bank, and Digital Credit Union. You can get your TU FICO if you happen to have an account with any of the two WalMart CCs. And you can get your EX FICO if you happen to be a memeber of PSECU and have a checking account with them. Finally, if you are active duty military, you can get your TU and/or EQ FICO for free via

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