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Help with small charge off


Re: Help with small charge off


Sorry I just read your response. Unfortunately I don't his name nor did it occur to me to write it down. I sure wish I have implemented some auto payment plan as you suggested. I foolishly thought having easy access was enough. But human error needs to happen once. I called second time and spoke with a lady and she told me they don't do PFD and gave me the address to send a check. I have decided to pay in full and settle but should I call and to speak to the guy I spoke with in case he is willing to delete upon payment in full?



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Re: Help with small charge off

You can certainly try to call back and speak with him, but that might be difficult if you don't remember his name.  I would continue with a goodwill campaign.  It certainly can't hurt, and maybe one of your letters will be lucky enough to reach the individual you spoke to on the phone who sounded willing to help you out.

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