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I have been working hard in repairing my credit. Majority of it i student loans, which i have successfully completed my rehabilitation program. Now, with the 3-4 accounts on my reports in collections, what would be the best thing to do. It totals just over $1,900 in total few are medical, and two are individual. Highest balance out of all is $777. I've read about calling and try to settle, or the Pay to delete method. How many of you have had success on taking care of your collections accounts by those methods?
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Medicals were easy to get removed using these steps


For unpaid medical debt that is reporting on your CR:

1. Call the OC and see if insurance can be billed, if not then
2. see if you qualify for Charity Care, if not then
3.  ask that they recall the collection in exchange for full payment
4. Send the reporting CA a PFD offer
5. Google the HIPAA Process and contact its creator for help

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