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High Limit

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High Limit

Im starting to rebuild my credit and I stupidly went over my limit on my NFCU credit card. CL was 1000 1030 was reported as the high limit. When I went over I immediately transfered money into the card and I was never assesed a fee for being over. The card is now reporting at 15% utilization for the past three months and has always been paid on time.


My question is - is this hurting my report / score. If so should I GW NFCU? 

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Re: High Limit

The reporting of a past high limit should not hurt your score.  FICO has no memory and when you made the payment and brought down your balance it was all but forgotten.  That high limit will continue to report.

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Re: High Limit

+1  Your score is a snapshot of what is on your CR now.   That High Balance will continue to report, garden that card and when you get a CLI it won't show over anymore.

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