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Hippa return from OC

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Hippa return from OC

I was on my last part of Hippa and got a response from OC stating we disagree with the allegations made." We are not in violation of privacy rights. Information for coding,billing and collections of accounts is not subject to privacy restrictions in HIPPA regulations. Your account will stand as is! please contact Action Collection Services   Thank You  Kim E  Financial services............ok....where do I go now with this 
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Re: Hippa return from OC

Is this med collection reporting as paid on your reports?
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Re: Hippa return from OC

I paid the OC both bills on the 2 seperate accounts with the endorsed check for deposit only which they did deposit ....then sent the HIPPA letter to the OC and got this response from the OC and it only shows partial payment because of CA interest accrued 

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Re: Hippa return from OC

From the Health and Human Services Department:



Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule prevent reporting to consumer credit reporting agencies or otherwise create any conflict with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?
No. The Privacy Rule’s definition of “payment” includes disclosures to consumer reporting agencies. These disclosures, however, are limited to the following protected health information about the individual: name and address; date of birth; social security number; payment history; and account number. In addition, disclosure of the name and address of the health care provider or health plan making the report is allowed. The covered entity may perform this payment activity directly, or may carry out this function through a third party, such as a collection agency, under a business associate arrangement.

The Privacy Rule permits uses and disclosures by the covered entity or its business associate as may be required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or other law. Therefore, the Department does not believe there is a conflict between the Privacy Rule and legal duties imposed on data furnishers by FCRA.


If you pull your credit report from Experian, you'll also find this:


Important Message From Experian:

By law, we cannot disclose certain medical information (relating to physical, mental, or behavioral health or condition).
Although we do not generally collect such information, it could appear in the name of a data furnisher (i.e., "Cancer
Center) that reports your payment history to us. If so, those names display in your report, but in reports to others they
display only as MEDICAL PAYMENT DATA. Consumer statements included on your report at your request that
contain medical information are disclosed to others.

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