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Home Depot/ Citi help with 30 day late removal.

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Home Depot/ Citi help with 30 day late removal.

Has anyone had any luck getting Home Depot to remove a 30 day late? I recently was late with my payment by 32 days (death in family and I forgot about it) and now I have a 30 day late on my credit report....right when I'm preparing to buy a house (I know could there be worse timing for my brain to shut off). I've never been late before with this card in 9 years and when I called Home Depot I just got the run around about how they have to report accurately yada, yada, yada. They even said they sent my account for a review and I just got a letter with the same "we have to report accurately" and they won't remove it. This one thing has dropped my score 100 points and now I don't qualify for my loan. 


Does anyone have any numbers for customer retention or any luck with them? I'm not really sure what my next steps can be. 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Home Depot/ Citi help with 30 day late removal.

Several years ago I ran my own home building company.  At my particular Home Depot, I was in the top ten customers for annual purchase volume.  When the housing market fell apart in 2008, I fell behind and had some 30 day lates’ reporting from my Home Depot card.    


One day, I was talking to the store manager at the pro-desk, my troubles came up in conversation and he offered to look into it for me.  I don’t know what he did or who he called, but the lates’ dropped off reporting about two weeks later. 


I knew the manager, he knew me, half the store knew me. If you are a regular and valued customer and know the store manager, that may be an option?   A lot of “if’s”, it’s a long shot but thought I would put it up here.

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Re: Home Depot/ Citi help with 30 day late removal.

Hello, I am also trying to get Citibank/Home Depot to remove a 30 day late so that I can obtain a mortgage loan. Do you have any insight on the process? Thank you in advance.

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