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Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

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Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

LONG POST, SORRY.  I LIKE TO TYPE.  LOL  short version - collection reported after paying off original company who stated there were no collections on the account, Credit Management LP confirmed this info and stated they will delete the collection from my reports


Hello! This is my first time posting here but I have been reading things here for a couple months.  Started paying attention to my credit at the beginning of this year.  Before then I really knew nothing about how utilization or inquiries, etc affect scores and I was really excited to try to build up a good profile.  I have two very subprime cards (Credit One and First Premier) which I honestly needed at the time but really didn't realize that I probably could have done better so I'm looking to replace these two with better cards before they renew annual fees later this year.  So anyway I just used our tax refund to pay down our utilization significantly and also paid off a power bill of mine that the company assured me was not in collections so I felt great about paying it off and was patiently waiting for new balances to update on my credit reports and see my score boost.  Whelp.  Then I get an alert two days ago that a collections account reported for that power bill and was not only showing a brand new date which didn't even match up to my actual bill with them but also was showing as unpaid.  FICO dropped 49 points.  I cried, won't lie.  I called the power company and they again assured me nothing was in collections and I had no balance with them.  It was after hours for the collection agency (Credit Management LP) so I submitted a dispute with Experian that night which at that time was the only bureau showing the collection.  Then today I see the collection on my Equifax and Transunion.  About an hour ago I called Cred Mngmt since they are open and before submitting disputes on the other two bureaus.  The rep confirmed that they showed my balance had been paid in full with original company before they reported this collection and her superviser confirmed they can delete these from my credit reports.  So HOPEFULLY they follow through and I see these removed soon.  I'm trying not to be too excited until it actually happens because I know collection agencies can be shady but it seems like this may be a win for me.  Just wanted to share in case anyone else has this situation and sorry in advance if this specific thing has been posted already but I thought here in this board we can all use new encouragement.  I will update this thread when/if they actually come off of my report or if I unfortunately have to fight harder at a later date.

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Collection that shouldn't be there... Question

I may just be impatiently waiting and need to give it more time but thought it wouldn't hurt to get some opinions in the meantime... I had an old bill that I realized was still out there and needed paid.  Had begun working on my credit and didn't want any surprises.  Contacted original company, they stated there was nothing in collections and agreed it was okay to pay off with tax refund and I also paid a portion to them about a week and a half later when I had some extra just to show them I was definitely going to pay (which they also said would be fine).  At time of call and throughout waiting for tax refund there were no collections on my report.  Paid them off in full as soon as refund was in my account.


Four days later I get an Experian alert that a collection was added to my report.  I see that it is from a CA for this very bill and showing as unpaid.  What's weird is not only was the bill taken care of with original company four days prior to this CA report date but the CA also showed an opened date of two months prior.  I called original company who confirmed I had no balance and there were no collections.  So as it was later in the evening and past the CA business hours I called Experian and submitted dispute as "paid original company before this showed up on my report, original company confirmed not in collections, please remove."  Next morning I get alerts about it showing up on the other two bureaus.  Called the CA who confirmed they did see the original company had been paid prior to their reporting so they stated they will remove from my credit reports.  I called them back the next day to reconfirm what original rep told me and this new rep also stated they report to bureaus once a week on weekends but it can take some time for the bureaus to update as such.  So anyway that means this weekend they should have reported the deletion to bureaus.  How long do you all think it will take to see this update? I know that their last report took about two business days from when they said they reported for me to get alerts so I'm hoping for some good news tomorrow or next day.  But how long before I consider doing more? And if I need to do anything further should I start disputes with the other two bureaus? Would submitting my payment confirmation to original company help even though the CA is trying to show that their account started before that payment? Sorry if this is confusing.  It surely is to me as well. LOL I'm just feeling so disheartened that this happened at all literally right at the time that I had paid cards off for score boost and was looking to grab one or two good cards to replace predatory ones.  Before this collection showed up my only derog is a 30 day late from 2017. 


Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to read or reply.  

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Re: Collection that shouldn't be there... Question

I'd give it a few more days. The CA may report like they say once a week. The CRA's also do updates too. It may be in the system but it hasnt updated. But one thing to look into. The OC says no colletions. Someone at the OC filed it to that collection agency. CRA's dont look into accounts and see if your late. The OC's report the lates. Look at it that way.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Collection that shouldn't be there... Question

So far Equi has updated and it's gone! SUCH a huge relief.  Now just waiting for the other two to update, I assume if CA reported to one they would have done all three at the same time.  Breathing a little easier today.  And yeah good point about the OC having reported to CA.  That sucks that I talked to more than one person there that told me otherwise.  Live and learn I suppose, can't trust blindly majority of the time.  Smiley Sad  The CA has proven more trustworthy so far!

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Re: Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

Little update - Equifax is now updated with the collection gone! I'm assuming/hoping that the other two bureaus have received the same deletion and just haven't updated yet.  Small victory!

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Re: Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

Good job getting it removed, it can take up to 30 days to remove something.


Adding: I have merged your 2 threads on this subject together. Please refrain from creating multi threads on the same topic, it can create confusion by the members and its inline with our TOS. I thank you for your understanding.

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Re: Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

Sorry about that, thank you!

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Re: Hopefully some success with Credit Management LP...

Last update - removed from all 3! Smiley Happy

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