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How To Deal With A Unfair Collections?!

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How To Deal With A Unfair Collections?!

So long story short I'm in the military and was stationed in South Korea for two years.

Before I left I froze my Sprint account which they do for military members as long as they have moving orders.


So I've been in Korea for two years and I am coming back to the states in December.

I checked my TU collections because my score had gone down and found out Sprint put my account in collections for 2035.


I called them and told them my situation and they told me that they could reactivate my Sprint account for a fee and I would continue paying my contract/phone everything out like normal.


My question is how do I deal with the collection? I asked them what would happen and they stated they would get it removed once I started my service back up with them since it's not my fault it wasn't frozen.


Does Sprint have their own personal collections service so they can do that?

Should I dispute it myself once I've restarted my service with them?

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Re: How To Deal With A Unfair Collections?!

Contact corporate at Sprint. You can also contact DFAS and maybe JAG, although JAGs help may be limited, they can possibly point you in the right direction if there are laws protecting you from things like this.

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Re: How To Deal With A Unfair Collections?!

Get everything that Sprint is telling you in writing.  If they fail to remove your account from collections at the credit bureaus, you will have recourse in writing.  I remember you posted something about this the other day and mentioned you were going to hire a credit repair company. DO NOT do that just yet.  Keep up with the posts on this site and do alot of research on "pay for deletes."  Many creditors will be willing to settle the account (sometimes for half the amount) and delete it from the credit bureaus.  Again, make sure that they will provide this promise in writing before giving them any money.  Good luck and thank you for your service.  My son just finished his AIT in the Army,  and now stationed at Fort Polk, LA..

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