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How can I make a paid off CO disappear?

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How can I make a paid off CO disappear?

I've got a couple of COs that I paid off prior to knowing about PFDs and this forum in general.  Now from what I understand it doesn't do me any good to have paid them yet still have it on my CR.  Help!
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Re: How can I make a paid off CO disappear?

There are a lot of things that will determine whether or not those will be removed. I'm assuming these are the OC's.
First is the company itself.  Some are willing to help, others are not. Bottom line is, they don't have to.
Second, what is the timeframe between DOFD & when you began making payments to pay off or if all in one lump...paid it off?  The longer between those two dates, the more likely they might blow ya off.
Third, how long ago was the payoff?  For instance, If you were delinquent for 3 years, the within a year paid it off & the final payment was in March 08....they may think it's too soon & want to "punish" you a little longer, or they might say, ok...this is one more that we won't have to keep reporting.
If the acct was settled 5 years ago, they might say fine...& drop the TL
There are just a lot of variables, and the one you cannot totally count on is the "human" factor.  You might get a rep who recently got a neg removed & feels good about passing the favor along.... but just as easily, they could be writing unlimited GW's to Cap One & Sallie Mae with no luck & see your request & go..."no one did it for me!"
Best advice...send a GW to both.  Plead your case & be honest...Tell them you have changed your irresponsible ways & would like a chance to start with a clean slate.
All they can do is say no & you're out the time it took to write the letter & a stamp.  Remember... TYPE your not sign in ink on any letter unless absolutely necessary.

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