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How crazy is that?

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How crazy is that?

So im working on building my credit....ive never owned a credit card up until last year when i started to work on my credit report due to wanting to purchase a home.  So while ive been working my hardest to improve my score  I got approved for a credit card for VS for $350.00 I was soooo excited I ran over to ny sisters to just tell her about it and what was her reaction? Yeah I got approved a month after my bankruptcy for 500.00 limit!!


So she and her husband both filed for Bankruptcy within the last year and literally within months after have gotten approved for a car loan, and credit cards and their scores are higher then mine!! I just feel its crazy that they are getting approved left and right here i am just trying really hard to get to where i need to be....oh well at least Ill know the hard work im putting into it and making sure I dont mess it up so I dont have to go thru this again!

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Re: How crazy is that?

Well congrats to you on your VS card!!!!   Don't fret it, keep working on that CR!

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