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How do I get Transunions Attention?

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How do I get Transunions Attention?

Transunion received a certified letter I sent on May 10th. This letter was sent immediately following an unsuccessful dispute I filed for a cable/wireless account. In the letter I asked for proof of the verification/validation methods or any information they received from the collection agency that caused them to verify the account as accurate.(I also called yesterday May 15th). In return Transunion started another disputing process and I feel like the cycle will continue(They're very robotic over there).


Prior to the official dispute, I requested debt validation/verification from the collection agency and I was sent "verification" for another persons collection(s), on top of that they live in a different state. I've explained this to Transunion and provided copies in my letter. Their verbal response when I called May 15th was Quote-> " The information(account number) I've sent does not match what is listed in my report." WELL DUH!!!!!! I just told them that's what the collection agency gave me!  I am asking what the hell did the collection agency give you(Transunion) to allow you to verify the account as accurate, because what the collection agency gave me was pure horse crap.  >> Am I not allowed to be provided proof of Transunions investigation process?? I want to see what they see!






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Re: How do I get Transunions Attention?

You should probably direct all of this toward the collection agency not TU.

They have the power to get it removed from your report.. 


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Re: How do I get Transunions Attention?

I agree. But, I don't trust this collection agency to do the right thing. I believe they've purposely sent me someone elses collection to me in the hopes of me giving up my personal information.  They're in the business of collecting money not respect. I'm in for a fight and Transunion is being lazy as hell. Because they can be. Thanks for the quick response though.




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Re: How do I get Transunions Attention?

I hear ya..


Years ago I had a similar experience with a bad CA.. I believe twas Diversified Collectors.

I had a collection for a "bounced check." It was also showing on chex systems and messing with my ability to write checks. (back when that was a thing lol)


I explained I had no knowledge of this check- but they refused to actually do anything to help the situation.

I paid the check-

It was NOT mine..

Twas another gal with the exact same name but from a bank I had never used.

I now had the check and threatened to sue the pajeeze outta them..

They refunded the $$ for the check and removed it from chex systems and my credit report in record time..


Moral is: If the debt is not yours and you have a clean report otherwise, you're in a decent position.

I would tell the CA that they are hurting you financially with a debt that is not yours and that if they do not rectify it immediately you will file a law suit for damages. 

Sadly, it could actually come to hiring an attorney..


Perhaps Robert or somebody else will have a better suggestion.


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Re: How do I get Transunions Attention?

Thanks for all the advice: This will be my last post on the matter.


Like you said I will probably have to reach out to an attorney for help, at the very least for advice. We'll see how that goes.


This is the only mark on my report showing negative, and its only on Transunion. I really don't know of anything else I can do. Aside from what you mentioned or just waiting for it to fall off, which essentially feels like being framed for a crime and just sitting around suffering for 7.5 years. This process sucks. later..

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