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How do I get credit counseling remarks removed?

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How do I get credit counseling remarks removed?

My husband and I were both in credit counseling programs for several years. We decided back in June to stop the program and pay the creditors ourselves because we started snowballing our debt. We’re now trying to get a mortgage loan and the lender is concerned about the credit counseling remarks on my credit. I disputed the accounts and asked that the remarks be deleted but so far they are not coming off. Any suggestions?
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Re: How do I get credit counseling remarks removed?

I will assume those accounts are closed because when I was in DMP, all the accounts were closed.  I would not dispute them because I have read here that disputed closed accounts could be removed from your CR and that is not what you want unless they have major derogs on them of course.  Have those comments on your CR does not affect your FICO score and I was never denied credit as a result of them.  That would include a car loan and a mortgage refi.  You might ask in the mortgage forum but IMHO if they are making comments about those remarks, I would look elsewhere for a loan.  My CU was only interested in credit scores and DTI.  I would check a local CU and see what they could do.  What are your FICO scores and do you have any derogs on your CR?

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