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How forgiving is Navy Federal?

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How forgiving is Navy Federal?

I served in the Navy 1993-2003 and opened a Navy Federal Account in 1994. Didnt really do a whole lot with it until 2012 when I gaot a 10k Visa Credit Card. I had employment trouble and had some lates including 120+. It was then that they closed my account. Now I am paying it off.


I will have it paid off in Feb 2018.


Did I screw myself or could I open a new CC with them... loans etc?

How forgiving are they?


I will call and ask them, but thought someone may know from first hand experience or have an educated guess.




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Re: How forgiving is Navy Federal?

Try calling them. Have you applied for any other cards?
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Re: How forgiving is Navy Federal?

They are apparently fairly forgiving when they get all of the money that they are owed (PIF)

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