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How long should I wait?

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How long should I wait?

A couple of questions here from the newbie....


1.  Portfolio Recovery Associates agreed to delete the tradeline as of last Friday.  How long should I wait before I run a new credit report to see if its deleted yet?  I don't want to keep running the reports from all three bureaus, as it can get pricey.


2.  I joined Score Watch here on MyFico to keep track of changes.  How often are they updated?  How reliable do you find the information?  I am trying to pay down all my credit cards, I just got 2 left (which I hope to pay down to 10% in the next 3 months) I wanted to see how my score changes with paying down my balances.  


Thanks for your help in advance!

Starting Score: (04/18/2013) EX 572, TU 577, EQ 554
Currently: (12/2014) EX ?, TU ?, EQ 766 (new version)
Lender Pull (12/03/14): EX 759, TU 750, EQ 766
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Re: How long should I wait?

It can take 30 - 90 days to update.


As for Scorewatch I don't use it and have seen mixed reviews.  Do a search and see what you find.

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