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How long to remove account...

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How long to remove account...

Over the summer, due to some unforeseen family health issues, I couldn't keep up with my credit card payments and it was finally closed by the grantor (BOA).  It's unfortunate, because it had a reasonable limit and I have had it for 6 years.  I tried to have it re-opened, but to no avail considering its issues were dragging my score down.  cest la vie.  My mistake


However, my wife was on the account as a authorized user and I noticed it was dragging her otherwise perfect credit into the dirt.  Now the health issues were my wife's, so I wasn't about to let that happen.  I called BOA and had them remove her as an authorized user.  She has a great history without it: a modest $3000 in credit, plus our mortgage, all in great standing.  BOA said that the statement ends on 11/17/10, and it should be off then.  A tad impatient, and afraid my wife would see it and cause her stress she does not need, I created an online dispute through the three bureaus.  TU cleared the account from her report almost immediately and her score went from 659 to 782 overnight.  Same with Experian.  Equifax keeps sending their " we are still working on your claim" e-mails every day, but nothing.  Now the 17th has come and gone, and the account is still on her report.  BOA says they definitely sent in the paperwork.  Anyone have any ideas what my next step should be?  I know, I know, be patient, but beside that?


On another note, in an effort to improve my own credit now that we are getting back on our feet.  I took the advice of a credit assistance company that I do business with.  I had myself added as an authorized user to my mother's Chase Slate card with a 20yr perfect history and 20k limit.  I did this at the beginning of the month.  Anyone know how long this should take to effect my score?  The gentleman at Chase when I activated my account said I would have to be a primary user for it to effect my score, but that didn't make sense to me since I have seen multiple cases where it did.  That card statement closed a week after I received the card, so I would think it should be on my report by now?  Unless the dope-head on the phone was right....

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Re: How long to remove account...

Welcome to the forums,


Take a breathe, EQ always was the last of the CRA's to fix anything on my CR's.


As for the AU on Chase......I dont know enough about chase, but as you know some CCC's report to the CRA's and some don't on the AU's.

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