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How long until paid collection comes off CR?


How long until paid collection comes off CR?


Last month I made my last payment to AMEX for an account that was in collections. I was making payments through a collection agency. The deal is that within 30 days of paying this card off through collections, AMEX will send me a new one to "rebuild my credit".

On my CR it says that the original account is 120 or more days overdue, and it was recently updated to say that it is now a Paid Collection. Will this eventually come off of my report? If so, how long does it usually take? What effect might opening a new account to "rebuild my credit" have on this listing on my CR?


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Re: How long until paid collection comes off CR?

Hi there.


Unless you can use GW letters to get this removed early a collection (paid or unpaid) can report for up to 7.5 years from the DoFD on the OC account that led to the collection.


Adding a new account will have no effect on this entry on your report.




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