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How many accounts enough to build credit?

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Re: EASY Transunion Early Exclusion (EE)!

Hey MODS why is my new thread merged with my old one? What's going on?

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Re: EASY Transunion Early Exclusion (EE)!

Thank you @RobynJ I appreciate the support!


I'm kinda annoyed that my new thread dedicated to my TU EE was merged with my old original thread. The whole point of the new thread is to help people that are looking for a way to go about doing it themselves. Nobody is going to know to read through 24 pages of a random thread to get the answer they need. I'm very disappointed in the mods. Everything I do is to put info out there for others to learn from my experience. I thought that's what this forum was all about. This is nonsense.

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Re: How many accounts enough to build credit?

I decided I won't be applying for a auto loan for now. Interest rates are just way too high. I will wait until 2024 once rates fall back to normal (hopefully). I did apply for a $5,000 personal loan through Discover yesterday (triple pull) and was approved instantly with no POI or any documentation. I was shocked at how easy and seamless it was to get. I also applied for the Amazon store card last night (soft TU pull) and was instantly approved with a $2,600 limit. No hard pull on that card.


I'm thinking about getting the Apple card next. I did apply for it last night as well but I got denied this morning after review due to not being able to verify my identity although they asked I submit photos my drivers license which I did. I was on my pc when I app'd and I heard they normally deny apps if you're not using a apple device so I will retry on my iPhone. I am hoping these new cards and personal loan will give me a thick enough file to garden until the beginning of 2024 to apply for a auto loan. I have my Mercedes car for now which runs fine. There's really no need for me to rush with a new one right now.


I am sending Self the final payment and closing off my account builder with them since I now have the Discover loan. I have no use for Self.

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Re: How many accounts enough to build credit?

Happy New Year everyone!


So, as expected, I got approved for the apple card once I reapplied using my iphone with a $2,500 limit. I also went ahead and applied for the B&H Photo store card and the Home Depot store card. I received very small limits on those cards, $500 each. I already used both those cards in-store and I am hoping to get a substantial CLI in the near future. I had also prequalified for the Newegg store card with a $2,500 limit but I declined it after some thought. I don't really shop there (was going to get a new graphics card for my PC) and didn't want to open the card just for the sake of doing so. I tried opening the Best Buy Visa Platinum Rewards card and got declined. Citi bank said their reasoning was "insufficient credit experience" for the denial although they pulled my Equifax with a 744 score. I was never offered the store card version in return so I left it alone assuming I didn't qualify for that one either.


All in all, I am happy with the current accounts I now have and will be going back in the garden. My scores obviously went down a bit from the inquiries and new accounts added but they will rebound with time.

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Re: How many accounts enough to build credit?

Glad to see all is going well. I would agree that it would probably be best to just let your file age now. You have a beginning of an amazing file so tread careful not to rack up too many inquiries. Happy new year to you too. 

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