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How much time to heal??

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How much time to heal??

I know and I have read that time will heal the baddies that are on our credit reports.


My question is how much time until I see some improvements. Sitting at 600 with EQ now.  I have done just about all I can and need to wait some of the rest out. 




Student loans in default - 2 payments left in rehab!!!  YEA YEA YEA!!!


5 paid collection accounts that they won't remove.  Tried everything but HIPPA process.  Might give that a a shot next.


2 collection accounts that I paid for delete.  Waiting for those to delete.


3 collections that will fall off in April 2013.  Just going to sit and wait on those.


THE WORSE:  A paid judgment that is from May 2011.  Cannot get it vacated in my state.  Does time help soften the blow this is taking on my credit report?


I am hoping to buy my house in July.  I am seriously hoping the student loan rehab bumps me up 50 pts or so.  I have one secured card reporting for 7 months with 7% utitliation.  It is not reporting as secured.


Any insight?  Advice?  Anything to help me along my journey???



June '12: EQ 553 TU 0 EX 545
April '13 Lender Pull EQ 731, EX 692, TU 722 - all FICO

Closed on home May 22, 2013 at 2:00pm!!!
CU Visa $1000, VS $350, Chase Freedom $1000, Discover IT $2500, Home Depot: $2700, Menards $3000, NFM $3500
What's been deleted: 32 collections, 5 PR, 2 tax liens, defaulted student loans
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Re: How much time to heal??

WORK those medical collections....send gw, etc.


is April 2013 the 7 year date for the collections?  They should be deleted at 6 years + 180 days...YMMV


~~~Sometimes it's the patience process that is the most difficult.~~~


I had a medical collection deleted when I informed them of an incorrect address. 


I have no idea about the judgment....

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Re: How much time to heal??

Hello, why cant you get the judgment vacated in your state?  Some states you can do it and some you have to convince the attorney that obtained the judgment against you to vacate it.  That one will not soften as it gets older, since its paid it will help with a manual review of your credit though.

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