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How odd is this..


How odd is this..

I got a call from Chase Mortgage again.. my ex isnt paying it and we are 2 months behind owing 153k, which has been reporting on my credit report. Well I talked to the lady from Chase and she seemed really nice after I explain the divorce and my situation...

I hang up and next thing I know.. myfico reports a change

Its from Chase Mortgage.. they changed my balance from 153k to blank.. and "paid as agreed" instead of 60days overdue... what the hey??  I mean its good,, but I dont understand.. and on top of that no reported credit score change. Still stuck with yucky 511?

511 (12/01/13), 591E(05/02/14), 628 (05/07/2014)
CURRENT SCORE: 658 (08/15/2014)
Filed CH7 04/2014 & Discharged 08/2014
Goal Score: 720
In my wallet: CapitalOne Plat. $700 (07/2014), Capitalone QuickSilver $2,000 (09/2014)
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Re: How odd is this..

Chase has been good for many. Several GW success stories on here, though if the call and the report change came minutes apart, then something else led to the change.

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Re: How odd is this..

I would certainly call them.  It may be a temp thing while they are doing an internal review.

I could see GW on the late, but suspect  that they would not just waive away consumer obligation based on divorce if you are still a joint on the account.

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