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How soon to see score changes after deletion?

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How soon to see score changes after deletion?

Hello! I had my first derogatory removed from TransUnion yesterday, a collection account that was one month from falling off but last reported in November. My FICO score for TU didn’t change at all, although the line was deleted. It hasn’t been removed on Credit Karma’s TU report and that score didn’t change yet either. How fast do changes happen?
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Re: How soon to see score changes after deletion?

Sometimes there are no scoring changes if other derogatory info remains on CR

Where are you getting your TU Fico and when did you pull the report? 


If there is a scoring change, recalculation occurs when the score is requested (aka pulling report)

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Re: How soon to see score changes after deletion?

Hi  SuperAwesomeWow, welcome to the forums and congrats on having your first derog removed!


FICO scores update immediately upon the pulling of a new report;  any delay of seeing the updated score lies with your monitoring service -- generally, whenever the monitoring service recognizes a change it will update your score and this could happen as quickly as within 24 hrs or as slowly as a few days.   The only way around the wait is to actually purchase a new updated report / score which will pull the current information. What service are you using to monitor your FICO TU score?  How were you able to confirm the item had been removed?


Please understand that if you have multiple derogatory items / collection accounts on your reports, you may see little or no score change from having only one removed...  it is also common to only see small increases as items are deleted and the largest increase once the final negative is removed.  If you're using myFICO and already received an alert that the collection was removed but no score change accompanied the alert, then your score, unfortunately, did not change after the collection removal.



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Re: How soon to see score changes after deletion?

Hey! Thanks for the info! I only saw it removed in the results section of the dispute, no alerts saying it was deleted from myFICO, CK, or my Transunion monitoring subscription (which I just cancelled).

This deletion may not be enough to make a difference given the 10 shiny new collections I have from a student loan error (deferred payment status reported as missed), so hopefully once those are fixed i’ll see a massive jump!
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Re: How soon to see score changes after deletion?

Very likely you will. It’s always a little disappointing to clear a derog and not see a score change but knowing you’re one account closer to a clean profile should matter, and definitely is a victory. It takes time and work but you will get there.

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