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How to Dispute/Correct Information from NSTN?

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How to Dispute/Correct Information from NSTN?

I just received my free annual report from Sagestream and it has some incorrect personal information.  They list the source of this information as NSTN and when I disputed it with SageStream last year, their response was "NSTN verified it's accurate".


I have been unable to find any type of concumer report request link on NSTN's website, much less a way to dispute or correct information in their database. 


Any ideas how I can get this corrected?

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Re: How to Dispute/Correct Information from NSTN?

I would start by giving them a call and ask them outright how to correct inaccurate info that they have on you. I tend to think they would have to have accurate info if they are selling it to the public. The next step would be filing a complaint with states AG and the FTC. I dont think they are big enough for the CFPB to step in but you might check their list and see if they are on it.
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