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How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!


How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!

A few years ago I was in a really horrible relationship and long story short I moved before the lease ended, he didnt but a eviction ended up on my credit report. The lease was in my name and I was just rejected from an apartment  company. Is there anything I can do to get a judgment reversed or is this what I have to deal with for the next 7 yrs?


has anyone dealt w/ this? 

do anyone have any advice>

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Re: How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!

"A few years ago?" How long ago? This item should fall off your CRs 7 years from the FILING date of the suit. So, if that suit occurred in, say, 2004, it'll fall off in 2011. If it occurred in 2002, it should be off by the end of this year.


However, depending on your state's SoL (statute of limitations) on judgments, some states allow the plaintiff to have the judgment renewed (usually at the 10 year mark) ~ which could technically plunk that judgment back on your CRs to deal with for another 7 years. That's not very common, though.


Of course, that's if it's unpaid. If it's paid, it just ages right off with nary a whimper.


I honestly think that if you get that judgment settled, you'll have a better time finding an apartment willing to rent to you (or get credit from a lender). Right now, that unpaid judgment screams that you don't take your financial responsibilties seriously (no offense ~ trust me, been there, done that ~ just looking at it from an apartment manager's POV) and you pose a risk to whomever leases to you.


You can either:


1) Find a roomie and ask that you NOT be put on the lease.


2) Rent from a private owner (like a small house?)


3) Discuss with a potential leasor the situation ~ explaining the situation and see if that helps BEFORE they run your credit


4) Pay (or settle) the suit, have the CRAs update your CRs as "satisfied" and take your chances.


I hope this works out for you. Like I said, been there, done that. I know what it's like. Smiley Sad



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Re: How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!

I was never evicted from my apartment but I have quite a few judgements from my previous landlord...I was going through quite a rough judgements were paid and I did find an apartment that was willing to work with me..i had to pay quite a deposit though, however you gotta make sure the Judgment is paid first otherwise you may not get approved for an apartment. I was also told that in this case it may be easier to rent a house, but it didnt want to do that. I hope this helps. Good luck.  

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Re: How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!

I also have a couple of judgements from a prior apartment (wasn't evicted, but was late on rent after being laid off) and they're going to age off pretty soon.  I did have an issue with that at one apartment and was told that I needed to get a satisfaction of judgement, becuase they were showing as unpaid (I did pay them and am trying to get that corrected, but that's another story).  If you still owe that debt, you're probably going to have trouble; if you can show you paid, I think you'll have much better luck.
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Re: How to bounce back from an eviction...please help!!!

thanks... I think you're right... I did some research and found out that some property managers will be okay with an eviction as long as its paid and you have the letter to prove it. I've have already made phone calls to get the ball rolling to get this taken care of.. I wish I knew as much about being responsible with my credit when I was in my early 20's as I do now... GEEESSSHHH.... all I can do is figure it out and never make those same mistakes again.
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