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How to find out

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How to find out

All right here is the situation. I have a CO from GE Money Bank that was sold to a CA. Now here is the situation. I had one CA (enhanced debt recovery) that I paid the loan off and another CO. Now here is the situation... I notice that I have on my CR there is a collection for that same account(GE Money) but a different CA (Paragon Way)... What steps can I take to get this CA Paragon Way off my CR?


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Re: How to find out

As I understand the question, you have a debt that was sold to debt collector 1, who reported, and now debt collector 2 is reporting on that same debt?


If that is the case, there is no prohibition against both reporting.  Debt collector 1 owns the debt, and can report their collection activities on the debt.

Just as an OC can assign collection assistance to a debt collector, the new owner can do the same.

Debt collector 2 is reporting, not as the owner, but as an assigned agent of the owner.  They are entitile to report that activity.

Nothing requires a first debt collector to delete their prior reporting based on later, legitimate reporting by another.


If the debt remains unpaid, you can offer either a PFD.  However, if one accepts, that does not mandate deletion by the other.

GW is the option for pursuing deletion by the other.

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Re: How to find out

I have the same thing happen to me. I still can't get it removed.
Everyone above 610...
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