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How to improve overall score!

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How to improve overall score!

Hi everyone,

My score is currently 663 and I’m trying to figure out how can I hit the 700 mark. My average age of around us currently 1 year old (at what age will my credit be mature enough?). Also, I have 4 inquiries in the past 12 months, where should it be so it doesn’t look like I’m seeking credit, 1 or 2 every 12 month?

My goal is to get in with American Express specially the gold delta and cash magnet. Advice please
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Re: How to improve overall score!

Have you checked AMEX's prequalification page. My EX FICO is 660 and I'm prequal'd for the Delta Gold, Green and Gold charge cards. As far as getting to 700 there can be several factors to improve, utilization, number of accounts, any baddies, inquires. List out what you cards you have, balances and limits and people smarter than me will help you out. Good Luck!

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Re: How to improve overall score!

I tried the Amex prequalified every week and I just get the Log in to your account page, but I don’t gave an account :/ I have 7 cards some on zero some with a balance that I’m paying off my overall utilization is 46% which I’m working hard to bring down.
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Re: How to improve overall score!

Get you cards paid down to all zero except one or AZEO as we say here. That 40+% is killing you. You want to be less than 8.99%. So 700 is doable. No more apps. AMEX isnt inq or new account friendly. You'll get a boost once you past 2yrs with AAoA's. There ya have it! Good Luck!

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