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How will pfd affect my credit score?


How will pfd affect my credit score?

My score is in the 500s. I am looking to do a pfd for a LVNV funding that was opened I. 2017 and Alliance Collection also opened in 2017. What will happen if I do get pfd’s on these? I’ve heard it can negatively affect my score. Is this true? Any success with pfd for these companies? I know LVNV is a sub company of Sherman Group. TIA!
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Re: How will pfd affect my credit score?

Removing baddies can only help your profile. You may get a small score ding if you are removing a tradeline that is your oldest one, but for the most part, getting negatives off only help. If it does not help right away it will down the road. If these are your only negatives then you should get a nice bump, if there are other ones still reporting then you may not get anything right away, but down the road, it will help your score to grow as other baddies are removed or age off. 


If you will list out your accounts, with balances, credit limits along with any baddies you have such as lates, charge off, collections etc.. then someone will be able to predict what type of score improvement you may get from certain actions. 

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