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Huge score drop???

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Re: Huge score drop???

@mere2368 wrote:

I have been working on my credit for the past couple of years now, and was almost to the 700s until yesterday.  I refinanced my vehicle to pay it off quicker with a lower rate.  Yesterday, my old loan was reported as paid.  Experian dropped 27 points, Equifax dropped 23 points, and Transunion dropped 16 points.  Then today, a DELINQUENCY/PAST DUE ACCOUNT was removed and my Transunion dropped 38 more points!?!  That's 54 points for just Transunion for things that I thought would be good???  I don't understand.  Is this normal?  My new loan was added to my Equifax a few days ago, and only gave a 2 point boost.  I don't understand.  I thought I was doing good.

@mere2368Let us know what happens when the new loan hits TU for others to see. Great analysis by fellow posters so far. The data points will help others and then who posted here can see what the outcome was on TU. Tx.

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