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Hunter Warfield Collections

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Hunter Warfield Collections

So I’ve been getting mail and phone calls from Hunter Warfield over the last 9 months regarding a balance owed to an apartment complex I moved out of 11/2016. We were told they had to replace the carpets in our apartment because of our dogs, which is what our $500 pet deposit was for. We cleaned the carpets twice to ensure they were clean and odor free. We happened to take pictures of the apartment 12/5/2015, the day we moved out and also have screen shots of us paying the fee for breaking lease, also on 12/5. We paid the amount in full. 30 days after moving out, we received mail from the complex stating we had an outstanding balance of $9xx.xx. The date of the statement showed 12/5/16, the same day we paid our balance. We were then sent to collections 1/2017. Fast forward to now after receiving mail and phone calls from Hunter Warfield I’m now in a position to PIF, but I’m trying to find out what I need to do to have it removed from my credit as it has taken a huge hit. The few times I have answered the phone and they have asked for me, I haven’t confirmed my identity, which I was told is a good thing. Does anyone have any tips to getting this off of my credit report?

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Re: Hunter Warfield Collections

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If you legitimately owe it then try the PFD

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Re: Hunter Warfield Collections

What if they are incorrect? I don't owe a dime, and have EVERY receipt to prove it?  Is this company reputable, or bottomfeeders who will ignore the proof as most are?  I recently send a DV letter, which I KNOW they can not verify.  Does anyone have experience with something like this? Possibly WITH Hunter Warfield specifically?

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Re: Hunter Warfield Collections

A DV request under the FDCPA has the advantage of requiring the debt collector to cease further collection on the debt until they choose to send verification, but only if the DV is sent within 30 days after their dunning notice.  When did you receive dunning notice?


However, a DV does not require any response, even if your DV is timely, so it does not set any period within which they must send validation.

Provided they cease further collection activities, they have no period for sending any veriifcation.


As an option, you can file a dispute under the FCRA challenging the accuracy of their credit reporting.

Unlike a DV request, a dispute under the FCRA requires some basis for assertion of inaccuracy.  You apparently have supporting documentation, so I would advise sending a dispute.  A dispute under the FCRA also sets a 30-day period for conclusion of the CRA's reinvestigation, and sending of a Notice of Results within 5 business days thereafter, so it will force a decision within 30'ish days.


If they verify the accuracy of your dispute, then you can file a civil action and get the matter before a court for a binding legal consideration of all evidence and a finding as to the accuracy of the asserted debt.  However, you must first file a dispute before filing any civil action.

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Re: Hunter Warfield Collections

Thank you for your comments as your feedback is important to us. We would like to review your account and have a representative assist you. Please contact us at 813-283-4534 or email Be sure to include the phone number listed on your account so we can best assist you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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