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I am confused about the AU questions

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Re: I am confused about the AU questions

sidewinder wrote:

cobra19 wrote:
AU counts.
This stuff about FICO '08 is just hot air.

FICO 08 has already been made available by Experian to their clients.

The Key there is "been made available" it doesnt mean their clients are using it. Most lenders are still using XPN FICO II model on their reports. It maybe some time before they all start to make the switch. So I would leave them on their anyways as Sidewinder posted 'cause it wont hurt anyways if the account was in good standing

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Re: I am confused about the AU questions

TOO LATE! I wonder if they will reinsert it?
NAHHHHHHHHHH, because of disputing it the account got closed and I had to fight to get it back open I might as well leave it alone now.
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