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I beat LVNV

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Re: I beat LVNV

Another gem from a different thread - Actually JDBs do sometimes review accounts (soft pulls) to determine whether they want to purchase a portfolio or not. That doesn't make them factoring companies, however. CO debts can't be factored - the law doesn't allow for it. So any debt that was CO by the OC before it was sold is a collection account, period.

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Re: I beat LVNV

Hi Blue Panther and welcome to the forums.


Actually, listing themselves as a Factoring Company isn't a big deal.  They could list themselves as the "Ice Cream Men", it doesn't play a whole lot into your CR.  It's what they do by listing themselves this way that makes a difference.  When they list monthly derogs, change the DOFD and change the terms from the OC that a violation can occur.

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