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I have a very large collection with rev rec corp

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I have a very large collection with rev rec corp

It is a medical collection for 151k. From my motorcycle accident in '08. This is a scary thing for lenders to see on my CR. Someone suggested that I call them and try to set up some sort of payment plan or something, but I just don't know what to do. So I come to the gurus. Any advice? I want to buy a small house, but the collection is scary.

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Re: I have a very large collection with rev rec corp

First off I'm sorry to hear about your accident and hope that you've made a full recovery.  With that said, you have a serious problem with a very serious amount of medical debt.   Do you know the SOL of your state regarding these charges.  Some states, such as Arkansas have specific SOLs when comes to medical. Secondly, I'm kind of shocked that this amount has not triggered a judgement yet.


I would really look into this because I can't see it being dropped without an attempt to collect.  Is there any kind of state assistance program you can file with?  Any local charitable associations that may help?

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