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I just received a summons..

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Re: I just received a summons..

you don't say what state you are in i know here in NY anyone can serve papers you only need to be lincensed to serve in NYC. There are some states where you need to be served by a sheriff, conneticut is one. 

i would go down to the court house and they will have information for you on how to file an answer. what ever you do , don't ignore it.

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Re: I just received a summons..

Don't ignore. Show up if there is a court date. Ask for a new date to get an attorney to buy you some time.
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Re: I just received a summons..

Same happened to me.  Same Law Firm, same state, Springfield District Court.  I responded to the claim immediately and heard nothing from the law firm within the 60 days prior to the court date.  At hearing, attorney claimed to be representing a client, citibank, and the magistrate accepted that without question.  Fact is, the attorney exemption, defined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was repealed, and that Law Firm is a debt collection agent.  I am now trying to organize a class action suite against LGW, P.C. or find if one has been initiated and with which law firm.

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Re: I just received a summons..

Hi ,  I just  have a question  regarding a court  summons  filed by  Midland  Funding . On the day when I received the summon  I called  Midland  Funding  and  make  an arrangement to  pay  $ 100 a month. Until it's paid off.  My question is  do I have to show  up  in court  even  though I made  an arrangement ?  On the summons  there  isn't  a court date? Please help me! Thank you

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