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I'm firmly in the waiting game

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I'm firmly in the waiting game

My active rebuild is basically complete.  now its time to sit back and let my scores settle down.  all collections are paid and what I could get deleted are deleted.  I got a charge off (that I eventually paid) from Continental Fin removed, Student loan in default was settled and paid on my new NFCU Cash Rewards card.  I know paying a $4000 student loan on a credit card wasn't the smartest idea but my utilization is still under 25% on that card and total is 13% and falling. I needed to get that student loan paid so I could get approved for a VA Mortgage later this summer and the rehab payments were going to be $550 a month.  I felt like by settling I saved $1600, got $66 in cash rewards, and $200 spend bonus and by attacking that card heavily I can get the balance down quickly. Now I'm just waiting for the student loan to update as paid, and ultimately stop reporting negatively every month!!  waiting for my last late (from another paid student loan) to hit the one year mark in July.  I've seen an approx 4-5 point increase each month just because that late payment ages. and lastly worknig to get utilization down. There doesn't seem to be much more I can actively do, and I'm actually glad that I won't have the anxiety of the daily changing of scores as things are happening  Smiley Wink no new accounts or inquiries to mess up the balance!!


current scores EX 658, TU 643, EQ 639


Time to sit back and watch them grow as my new accounts and time since late age


Thank you to everyone here!

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Re: I'm firmly in the waiting game

Congratulations on your successes!

Just wandered out of the garden April 16, 2018 to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Intend to take care of this quickly and be back in the dirt before long.
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