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I'm hoping to rebuild my credit (My progress thread)


Re: I'm hoping to rebuild my credit

I have a question about my fico report and something that was “fixed”.

So I compared my March report to my May report to see what has changed, and a lot has changed. For example, from 8 negative items, to now down to 3 negative items after disputes and goodwills.

The weird one is First Premier, it is on my March report as a negative item, but it is no longer listed on my May report as a negative item. It is still on my report as a paid CO. It’s just no longer listed as a negative item and I have no idea why.
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Re: I'm hoping to rebuild my credit

Which you pay a charge off the collectors change the status to paid was a charge off which then helps the account begin to age in a more positive way.

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Re: I'm hoping to rebuild my credit

I understand that part, but I had been paid the charge off in full in mid 2016, a couple of months after it was charged off. It was in the "negative" accounts list after all these years until now. It had a red circle next to it in the March report, the circles are now green, but with the same comment. This was changed after I disputed the account.

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Re: I'm hoping to rebuild my credit

I’m so glad right now, my rebuild is going smoothly. Every month I get a new milestone. So days ago I said I have a Newegg/SyncB card with a $500 cl(which was the sl), which I got 2 months ago. Well I got rejected the first time I asked for a cli, soon as I opened it I asked for a cli, they wouldn’t even approve a cli of $1k. Well after my scores jumped about 40 more points than it was 2 months ago, and reading the forum about people’s tactics when requesting cli’s from SyncB, I went ahead and asked for $10k online and they said the following:

“We are unable to grant the full amount that you requested;

however, we are able to increase your credit limit to $ 4000“

Lol i’ll take it! Considering that’s the highest credit card limit I’ve ever had in my life. New milestone Smiley Happy

I know it’s not seen as a great card but I love upgrading and building gaming computers so the card and the new cl is useful to me.
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