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I need a mentor!!! Please help!!!

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Re: I need a mentor!!! Please help!!!

Ohh I see what you are saying because this report really confuses me!!! I have to understand what is going on before I decide my courses of action.

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Re: I need a mentor!!! Please help!!!

Then what I suggest is to make one simple list, by delinquencies and derogs, not by accounts


Type of Delinquency        Date          if a CO or CA, the DOFD on the OC acount.     Exlcusion date


30-late                         1/2004                                                                                         1/2011

60-late                         2/2004                                                                                          2/2011

Charge-off                                                             5/2006                                                11/2013                                                             

Collection                                                              3/2007                                                9/2014


Removal, or as I prefer to call them, credit report exclusion dates, apply to individual items.

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