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I need some help please ........


Re: I need some help please ........

bigdiesel72 wrote:

i have paid them off but will not falloff one is 6 years old then tax liens at 9 nyears old .

As far as SP CLIs I know Walmart & Amazon are ok they are issued by GECRB. On the tax liens if they are federal you can apply to have them withdrawn if paid in full (there is a form for it), if they are state goto the taxing authorities website and see if they have a form to withdraw the liens if not call them and ask how to file a lien withdrawl, not all states allow it but its worth the shot

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Re: I need some help please ........

I had some tax specialist help me with my taxes they said i was current and didnt owe the irs after filing my taxes so im not sure how the form works for that.

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