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I sent CA a PFD, They sent back DV

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I sent CA a PFD, They sent back DV

I have a medical collection for $122 on my report which I am trying to get rid of .  I used the example letter from for my original PFD letter. They sent me back a DV with a letter saying to call their office. I have read on these forums not to call the CA at all.


I am going to send them another letter and I took out the sections in that template which talk about debt validation. The letter I am going to be sending them next is below. Should I add/remove anything or does this look good? 




In the spirit of compromise, I am willing to pay this account IN FULL if you agree to immediate deletion of this account from any and all credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). The purpose of this settlement is merely to have this item removed from my credit files. It is not to be construed as an acknowledgment of liability for this debt in any form.


If you agree to the terms and accept this agreement, certified funds for the settlement amount of one hundred and twenty-two dollars ($122.00) will be sent to Merchants & Medical Credit in exchange for full deletion of ALL references regarding this account from my credit files and full satisfaction of the debt. As certified funds will be used for payment, there shall be no waiting period regarding the deletion of this account from the credit reporting agencies.


Merchants & Medical Credit agrees to delete ALL information regarding this account from the credit reporting agencies WITHIN TEN CALENDAR (10) DAYS following receipt of payment as specified above and will not discuss the terms of this settlement with anyone, excluding your client on this account. If contacted by any third party, including credit-reporting agencies, Merchants & Medical Credit will not acknowledge that any settlement offer was made, accepted or executed and will, in fact, deny knowledge of any such account.


If you agree to the above terms, please prepare a letter on your company letterhead explicitly agreeing to the same terms as the above settlement offer and have it signed by an authorized representative of Merchants & Medical Credit. It will be implied that this letter shall constitute a legally binding contract, enforceable under the laws of Michigan.


Your response must be postmarked no later than 15 days from your receipt of this settlement offer or this offer will be withdrawn.

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