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I signed up for revolving credit account unknowingly (Daniel's Jewelers & GE Capital)

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I signed up for revolving credit account unknowingly (Daniel's Jewelers & GE Capital)

Hello all!


Ok so I have a Daniel's Jewelers account, and I went to a Daniel's Jewelers to make a purchase on my credit account with them. They said it's been a while since I've used my account, so they needed me to fill out an application again to verify my account and make sure my credit is still good enough. I made sure with them that they would be using my original Daniel's account so that I wouldn't show any new accounts on my credit report. I filled it out, and purchased about $400 worth of jewelry. 


Next thing that happened about a month later is a letter from GE Capital giving me login information to pay my bill online. I just assumed Daniel's Jewelers was using GE Capital for all their financing now so didn't think anything of it. I registered online and signed up for autopay with GE Capital. Well 2 months later I kept checking my account online and didn't notice a balance showing on the account. I just figured they were taking a little longer than expected to show my purchase.


Now nearly three months later Daniel's Jewelers calls and said my account was past due one month, so I needed to pay ASAP! I tried explaining what happened but they just said that GE Capital is what they use for larger purchases in store, but not all the time. 


Bottom line is this, Daniel's added my new purchase to my original Daniel's Jeweler account which I wanted, but now I have a GE Capital account with a credit line of $1,500 that I do not want or need on my credit report. I already have a Best Buy, Living Spaces, Paul's TV, 2 credit cards and an auto loan on my credit report.


So my question to the community here is this. Should I call GE Capital and close the account since it's only been on my credit report for 1 month, or should I just leave it open? What would hurt my credit more, leaving it open forever and not using it, or closing it now since I don't need it and it's only been 1 month on my report.



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Re: I signed up for revolving credit account unknowingly (Daniel's Jewelers & GE Capital)

Leave it open.  The CL helps your Utilization and as time passes, it'll help your AAOA.   Sock drawer it and let it age...i'm assuming there is no Annual Fee?

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