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IC Systems

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Re: IC Systems

Hi Markme8! What did you say in your BBB dispute? Seems like it's a waste of time to try to PFD with IC Systems...

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Re: IC Systems

The Rep at IC Systems kept telling me it was against the law to do a PFD. But as you can see in this forum they do it all the time. So I posted in my BBB complaint that this nice Rep was lying to me since I could see others getting a PFD. So that was my complaint that she was lying to collect a debt. It took about 5 days and I had the faxed agreement.
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Re: IC Systems

Easy enough! Thanx for the reply Markme8!
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Re: IC Systems

I paid them off and then sent a GW to their email address on their website. About 5 days later I received a letter in the mail stating that I have a 0 balance and the tradeline would be deleted. That was around 2 weeks ago and they no longer show up on my credit report.

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