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Im a newbie....and I am in need of HELP....I have battled with my credit for so long. I have given away money for companies claiming to FIX my credit...I found this site and have been reading the forums...and I am hoping I can get some help to get my life back on track.


My husband lost his job about 2 years ago, so our credit was really hit. Now we are both working and our credit is a mess!!


First if all I have 2 RJM accounts on my report, I finally found their email address, I sent them PDF letters today..


Can anyone tell me where else to start from here.

My student loans are in forberance, but there are some occasions where it went deliquent for 60+ days.


I have some accounts on my report that have been settled and paid, but reports paid for less amount and it also remains on my credit reports.


I have revolving loan accounts that have been paid, in which I paid late on come occassions, can I also get them removed from my report?


I have  few credit cards that I owe for, I am considering contacting the compaines requesting a settelement? What pecentage is a start for offering companies for a settlement?





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Welcome to the forum!


In reading your list, the first thing I would suggest addressing are the CC accounts that are currently in arrears.

The other paid items can and should be addressed, but the CCs have the potential of doing further damage.  I dont know your current state of delinquency, but they can mature to charge-offs and collections.

Can you fill in the current status of your delinquent CCs?


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