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IQ data settlment for delete success?

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IQ data settlment for delete success?

Has anyone had success in getting IQ data to delete for a settlement less than full balance? I know they will do it for a PIF but I cant PIF yet. I can pay like 50% but i want it deleted. Any insights or successes with this when not PIF?

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Re: IQ data settlment for delete success?

I owed 2300 for a broken lease from 4 years ago.. I did all the research you can think of, and thought about going 100 different directions. After all of that, I decided to just call them. I told them right from the get go, that I do not believe I owe this debt, and although I'm sure they hear that all the time, it was the truth. So being that I dont believe its mine, what can we do to solve this. I told him I could send verfication requests, or dispute it, or even hire a lawyer to fight it, but that would cost money. Instead of doing that, is there any way we can work out a settlement to get this taken off my credit report. I told him I wouldn't pay it, unless it was deleted... He had me talk to his manager, who while still on the phone, emailed me an agreement.. I was scared to pay him over the phone (which many will tel you not to do), but I did. Within 3 weeks, it was completley deleted from all 3 accounts, and boosted my credit score 40 points accross the board. My situatuion may be very different then yours, but all I can do is tell you what happened for me. Good luck, and do your research. Every situation is different, and depends on a lot of factors, including SOL (statute of limitations). GOOD LUCK!!

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