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In terms of priority - which should I attack next?


In terms of priority - which should I attack next?

To get the biggest boost in score (potentially), which of the following baddies should I begin to attack and in what order?


Medical collection from 2010 - $1200

Medical collection from 2010 - $500

Univ of MD collection from 2011

$2100 (tuition over-reimbursement, they gave it to me and I spent it, then they wanted it back, lol.  Personally, I think they should eat that, but whatever, I have to pay it!)


Fed tax lien

Owe $2300 (2003) / with interest & penalty $6000 / lien for $10,000 (2008)  I have no idea why the lien was so much more than the actual amount, but they just sent me a statement and that's where it stands.  I'm wondering if I can just offer them the full $2300 adn ask them to erase the interest, I'm on disability so I should have a good shot at the sympathy vote!


I'm guessing popular opinion will be the fed tax lien, right?




If my other efforts are successful (which I believe they will be) these will be the final baddies on my reports - minus items that were IIB 2006, so nothing I can do about those, just let them drop off next year.  The BK 7 stays until 2016, can't do anything about that either.


I have a paid state tax lien, but there doesn't appear to be any relief from that.  Apparently there's some bill trying to make its way through Congress (or whoever does that stuff, lol, have to pull out Schoolhouse Rock again) but its taking FOREVER, that will allow states to implement a program like the IRS has, to withdraw paid liens.  In the meantime, I'm attempting a GW letter to the state, just for **bleep**s and giggles.

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Re: In terms of priority - which should I attack next?

+1  You said it, the federal tax lein.  It will stay there forever unless paid.

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