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Incorrectly reported child support arrears

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Incorrectly reported child support arrears

Let me start this post by stating that I have never been late on a single child support payment..EVER.


I received a letter from the US Treasury stating that exactly $1,000 from my overpayment to the IRS was being diverted to a child support enforcement agency in Ohio, where my son and the Wicked Witch of the North now live. Apparently the agency in Kentucky where we used to live and where the order originated has reported to Ohio that I was in arrears for exactly $1000. I spoke to the CSEA in Ohio today and they have confirmed with Kentucky that I AM NOT and have never been in arrears, but that I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for the Treasury to send them the $1,000 and that at that time they would have to determine whether to send it back to the gummint, or directly to me. Actually I have no idea where KY came up with the exact number $1,000 and my payment which is more than this is an odd amount. 


I can see it already and I know Nothing Good Will Come of This.


I tried calling the Treasury today but got nowhere. Ohio says they have updated their report as of 4/21 stating that I am in good standing with them.


Is this going to show up on my credit report? What else can I do to minimize or eliminate the damage? Now that the US Treasury is involved what can/should I do? Not worried about the money or getting it back, just how KY, OH, and the US Gummint report this.


Current scores are great and I want to keep it that way.

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Re: Incorrectly reported child support arrears

Really no way of knowing how it is going to show up on your report until it does.
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