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Increase CL on secured card?


Increase CL on secured card?

I have a secured card through Capital One that has a $400 CL right now.  I use it and pay it off every month.  I have recurring charges that will charge to it like my car insurance, Hulu/Netflix, Internet/TV, etc - that's basically all that I use it for.  The total of all of those recurring charges run the balance up to about $275.  I find that it seems to always have a balance when the CRA's pull - which drives my utilization up and costs me points.  What's the best way to cause a point increase?  Should I increase the CL on this card so that it's not eating up as much of a % to have a balance on the date the CRA's pull?  The only problem is that the secured card through Capital One never graduates to unsecured, so any deposit I put on to increase the credit limit - I never get that back until I close the account.  I have been "gardening" ever since I bought my Jeep in July, and it seems that the only times I lose points - it's for the utilization % on this card.

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Re: Increase CL on secured card?

I have a Cap One Secure Platinum Card and it posts to my credit report on the day the new statement is cut.  I PIF each month and try not to use it until after the statement cuts (though I will use it to buy lunch or something, so a small amount will report).



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