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Centerpoint Energy came off of TU report finally!  Nice increase for me and TU WUZ my lowest score, not anymore!  This was a new account that showed up in February, I paid it off after it went to collections but I GW letter and it immediately came off EX & EQ but TU was taking forever so i sent them a Dispute via mail with my letter from OC saying I owed no balance  & they were deleting from all 3 CRA's. 


600's here I come!

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Re: Increase!

Congratulations, it gives me hope!

Starting Score: 487
Current Score: Equifax: 586
Experian: 589
Transunion: 602

Overall Goal Score: 700

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Re: Increase!

Awesome!  How old was your account?


I just had 3 accounts deleted and my score went down, so I am glad you are seeing an increase!

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Re: Increase!


It wasnt very old (2011) so that could be the reason for the nice increase.  I did use the simulator and it predicted an increase.  On another account I have that I can have removed becuase I dont think its mine, well the simultor showed I'd get a decrease in points so I've just left it alone for now. But I think that has to do with the age of the account, it was opened in 2004 and if I delete it then it changes my credit age average or whatever that's called.


I use a simulator before deleting any accounts, but if its a collection I'd like to get those removed unless they are about to fall off.



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