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Information on HSBC

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Information on HSBC

 I had an account with HSBC it was a direct rewards discover card. Unfortunately hard times hit for me last year. I was pregnant, unemployed, and became a single mom taking care of a disabled son. It was an incredible load but my credit has been extremely hurt. I'm trying to find more information regarding the direct rewards discover because I have spent months trying to reach someone about the account and only go in circles. The account is currently in collection but I would like to see if hsbc has any goodwill and remove some of the lates from my credit report. 


Does anyone have any information on this particular card or hsbc.? Thanks in advance 

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Re: Information on HSBC

I'm pretty sure that HSBC has sold off all CC's to Capital One.  (Unless otherwise noted)


You'll have to start with them.  (Right now that's what I'm doing, and so far its pretty slow.) (That doesn't mean give up though)

"just trying to get my credit up..."
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