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Innovis Report, almost spot-on

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Innovis Report, almost spot-on

Just for the sake of being thorough, I pulled my Innovis report and received it today.  It's missing a few accounts and has some that haven't updated, one of which is a paid off car loan that still shows a balance.  I don't know if that's anything I need to concern myself with at this point.  The bigger issue is that it has my birthday incorrect as well as names and old addresses.  I will be correcting those.


One nice thing is that it shows MY address as it's reported by each creditor (not something I've been able to get from the Big 3) which is helpful as one of my old addresses keeps popping up. Now I know which creditor to contact to make the change.


So, happily, no big surprises, just a few little things to work on.  I highly recommend requesting a copy just so you know.

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Re: Innovis Report, almost spot-on

I had mine mailed to me a few years ago. It only had a couple of my accounts on it.Smiley Sad

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Re: Innovis Report, almost spot-on

FYI good to be on top of it I also pulled this report when I was getting a dlete and BoA listed them in the letter. Oh the FYI is apparently CHex systems(used mostly when you open a bank accoutn) and Corelogic Teletrack are also trying to get in the reporting game.  As per several threads and newsarticles read in last 6 months teletrack is courting FICO .  If so they could become a major player and  it is my understanding that AMEX peeks at their reports and has listed it in denial letters.

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