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Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

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Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

I'm not complaining at all Smiley Wink but I wonder if anyone can explain why all my inquiries dated before 2013 fell off my Equifax report last week. I had 12  HP's due to rebuilding my credit (apping) and car shopping, all dated from 10/2011 to 4/2012  fall off for no apparent reason. They are all still on Transunion and I am unsure about Experian but based on my fako score I believe they are still on there as well. I got a 18 point jump in my score with EQ and am loving it but I can't help wonder why. Any ideas?

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

Wow for you!!!


Made me go and check mine.  I didn't have such luck.  Wish mine would fall off!

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

Do you do daily pulls of your CR?  I believe that can cause that to happen for some CRAs under certain conditions..

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

I don't do daily pulls. I only use score watch to track my score. I pulled my own free report after my score jumped to try to determine the cause of the jump and noticed the drops then. I had a score watch report from January 2013 to compare it to.

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

I would assume that credit ihquiries are one of the biggest hogs of CRA database space.

Millions and millions of prior inquiries that have lost, in the opinion of Fair Isaac, relevance to repayment risk analysis after one year.

The CRAs informally set the probalbe use to their custormers at approx 2 years max, a lot more lenient than the FICO standard.


Probable reason could simply be a database purge that set the date back a bit, throwing out a bit more of the "trash."

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

I had one drop off early on Eq.  Now I have nine....whatever, lol

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

Check actual report myfico reports only include ones from the last year. Bc they don't affect fico scoring.

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Re: Inquiries Falling off EQ Early

Nice to hear OP, now show some love my way EQ Smiley Happy 

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