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Inquiry on equifax MICROBILT?

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Inquiry on equifax MICROBILT?

Does anyone know who these people are? I dont know if they are a collection agency or what. Ive already sent them an email asking why they pulled my credit report. The only thing I can think of is that Ive been trying to get my car fixed by doing in house financing with NO credit check and maybe one of these places actually pulled my credit report without my permission. Im waiting on an email back from them but am hoping someone else may have some insight on them. Also, Is there anyway I can get them to delete this inquiry. 

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Re: Inquiry on equifax MICROBILT?

The entire intent of the lengthy listing of permissible purposes for accessing a consumer's credit report set forth in FCRA 604 is precisely to allow parties to pull your credit report without your express permission.  Otherwise, normal business activities would come to a crawl.


If you initiated a business transaction where they can assert a legitimate business purpose for reviewing your credit as part of that transaction, they do not need your express permission.  You thus need to know if the party had a permissible purpose.

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