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Interest on Medical Debt?

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Interest on Medical Debt?

I've been fighting with my insurance company to pay a medical bill, and they ultimately refused to pay the entire claim. As I was slugging it out with the Insurance b*st*rds, the Doctor sent my unpaid balance to a CA, who just sent me a dunning letter... in which they've tacked on 15% interest to the final total.


Can they do this?


I'm sending a DV letter to buy some time to get the money together, now that I now that my Insurance Rapists won't couogh up the money (and I work at an insurance company, so you would thnk the plan would be quality, it's not).


Are there regulations under HIPAA that can help me with this?



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Re: Interest on Medical Debt?

When a CA send a dunning letter or starts reporting a Bal more then what you owe,It is usually the CA that does that not the Dr.


I would call the Dr and not say a word about the CA.....ask for the amount that you owe....mail that amount using the restrictive endoresment.


Wait unril it is cashed before doing anything.  Then start the HIPAA process.


You should not send a DV or have any contact with the CA.


You can contact your state and ask if a CA can do this on a medical bal.

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