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Internet Fax service?

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Internet Fax service?

I have to send additional info to Equifax via fax. When I went to Kinkos the number was busy every time. I was wondering if anyone had a internet fax service they would recommend? Id prefer a pay per use service. I hope to scan documents and then upload and fax. Thanks for any info.

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Re: Internet Fax service?

Do a google search.  You can find ones with free trials.


I had one that let me send 200 pages for free during the trial period.  After that it was $10 a month.  I can't remember the name of the site.

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Re: Internet Fax service? is a really good service! Also you can get a local number included in the price!


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Re: Internet Fax service?


they have a fax to email service. 

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Re: Internet Fax service?

Try can send 5 pages for free!

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Re: Internet Fax service?   free forever for receiving faxes.  Emails it to you.

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Re: Internet Fax service?

I did, my work uses them. I signed up for a 30 day free trial, sent the fax, and cancelled the trial. Worked like a champ.

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